Dr. Celia Im

Using the power of music to change lives

"This experience has helped me to identify several patterns, and to dissolve underlying blockages to creating positive energy. As a business woman I need to think creatively. HRP has continued to surprise me in its remarkable ability to bring a sense of openness, flow and integration."
President, Non-Profit
"Celia, you are a miracle worker. Now I am energized and productive, and so appreciate what you did for me. It’s great!"

Executive Coach

Dr. Celia Im is the founder of Lighting the Creative Spark LLC and creator of the unique personal development program Harmonic Resonance Process (HRP) TM using music as a tool to awaken, enlighten, and empower audiences. She is an international award-winning musician and has taught on the faculties of Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland and George Mason University. Her degrees include a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Peabody Conservatory, Bachelor’s Degree from Oberlin Conservatory and she holds a certification in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music.

In her workshops, seminars, conferences and retreats, Dr. Celia Im uses her seven-stage transformational process – HRP TM – to guide participants along their path to wellness, creativity and leadership. With training centers throughout Europe and the USA, Dr. Im has worked closely with business & government leaders, mind-body and health specialists, professional athletes, artists and individuals seeking personal wellness.

She applies music as a key to the inside, to activate the truth that resides in each individual. This music, both live and recorded, is created through a deep sense of feeling and a spontaneous response to her audience. Combined with her speaking, Dr. Im provides her listeners a profound experience that changes them from the inside out.